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Friday, February 10, 2006

Channeling John Kerry

Coleen Rowley did a great job "channeling" John Kerry last night. The biggest effort came when she spoke about the execution of the Global War on Terror (GWOT). She re-iterated the DNC charge that the President has no plan to "win the peace" (gack). So I guess that this is "no plan"? She spent several minutes waxing eloquently about the "natural, inherent accountability" of the criminal justice system and how it would be the "best place" to execute the GWOT! Yeah they did such a great job of it before 9/11....let's do it again Coleen!

Later in the evening, while discussing election strategy (more on this in another post) Doug Zila - who is running for the State House 35A seat - (more on him later) said that he heard Senator Kerry speaking on the radio on what the Dems need to do in order to succeed this year. He said that Senator said "less is more" when it came to the message. That they needed to remember that the electorate had a "short attention span". I have a better idea Mr. Zila (and Sen. Kerry) tell us what you are for! Tell us what you support and why!!!! It is not that the electorate has a "short attention span" it is that we have heard (ad naseum) your litany of complaints and we are tired of hearing it. Maybe if you came up with a solution or two, you might get someone's attention!

I know that I am not the first (and probably far from the last) to say this but it's can't beat something with nothing. It is your dearth of ideas, not the lack of voice that has kept you from winning elections.


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