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Monday, February 06, 2006

Cartoon outrage

When I sign off from blogging, there is a scroll of blogs to see. One that scrolled by was Face of Muhammed . The blogger makes the point that 12 cartoons will spark outrage in the world-wide Muslim community. And the horrific deaths and mutilation and painful crippling of innocent men, women and children...not so much as a single sign.
And he makes great cultural points.
The left screams in support of these radical Islamists feelings and that people like me (an obvious Bible believing, God fearing, Christ loving, liberty loving, Constitution reading,gun carrying, ready to defend liberty and the innocents type) are obviously "insensitive" and need to be more open to the feelings of others. And these same "women's rights" dolts apologize for Islamists who behead women in public or kill a female relative if she is raped, or sometimes even flirts (called honor killings).
I remember the quote from a woman in Kabul, Afghanistan after the city was liberated in 2002. She said that she went outside and felt the warm sun on her face for the first time in years.
It was such a simple comment. And such a simple pleasure to which I had never even given a thought. Yet it was such a measure of freedom for her that that was what she marked as her liberation.
And lefties that practice such gross hypocrisy don't know true liberty when they see it.
And they don't know and don't care of the deep shame they bring on themselves.


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