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Sunday, February 05, 2006

"Bill Clinton is WRONG!!!"-Star Tribune

Yup, Zippergate Willy is completey in error! When he said in his SOTU address in 1996 that "The era of big government is over" Prairie Pravda (PP) says that he's wrong! In todays homage to Uncle Joe Stalin PP says that the government needs to squeeze personal choice people like you and me. That it needs to force us to drive less, conserve more.That all those elites at 425 Portland Ave. S. know how to address any energy concern. That good ol' Unca Joe and Cousin Mao were right and state central planning works...or will work... this time...finally...they spite of decades and decades of proven central planning failures.
Well, kids, we are NOT addicted to oil! Oil is relatively cheap.And efficient. And effective for energy. At least in a comparitively free market. And all GWB is doing is throwing more money at wish list technologies that have not proved effective or efficient in over three decades...thirty years. And yet PP says that government is not too big and needs to be bigger and more intrusive.
Sorry Willy.


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