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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Are we "overtaxed"?

One issue that is sure to get tempers flaring is taxes. The right says that we are "over-taxed" and the left says that we are "under-taxed", but what is the truth.

The Star Tribune published a report today that gives us an idea of where we stand here in Minnesota. In 2002, Minnesotans paid (per capita) $2631.65 in taxes to the state which ranks 3rd highest in the country. The US average is $1862.33. In 2004, Minnesotans paid (per capita) $2890.90 in taxes to the state (4th highest in the country). The highest in both surveys was Hawaii at $2769.77 and $3050.03! Now, remember this voters.....the DFL has said that they intend to make Minnesota the HIGHEST TAXED state in the union! So the next time you talk to someone who says they are "more than happy" to pay extra for all of this government spending, ask them do you really want to pay $3000+ per year in taxes to the state????? If so, how much is enough? Is there any such thing?

UPDATE: MDE reported from the DFL candidate debate today that Becky Loury said that Minnesotans "want" their taxes raised and that Kelly Doran said that he didn't care how much taxes were raised on Minnesota businesses! Read his report here.


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