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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I belong to many on-line discussion groups (including this one and if you are a conservative and you like to have fun while exchanging vital information you need to be here). On one of these discussion groups (a debate group for Republicans and Democrats) I had an epiphany.

The discussion started when one of our members (a retired Army Ranger) returned to the group after an extended absense. We have 2 newer members in the group who are your typical know "I support the troops bring them home now..Bush lied us into the war...Bush is a moron..." you know the kind. Well one of the libs, in their usual snarky way, asked "where have you been lately that you can't read a newspaper?" I answered that he (the Ranger) had been in Iraq defending his (the liberal) the right to snipe about how bad the military is. Which lead to the lib remarking "well he's not going to like me then is he???" That led to the epiphany! The Dems love to rag on our military and then they wonder why the military does not like them. I posted this in response to his question (names have been removed to protect the guilty and the innocent)...

If you think that ____ is not going to like you because of your stance on the war, you are probably correct...more importantly consider this. _____ is just one soldier - one of many that believes in the mission and believes in what their Commander-In-Chief is doing in Iraq. _____ and the hundred + thousand others over there have a perspective on this that you and I will NEVER have because we have not been in theatre. Of the 150,000 or so troops in theatre, the vast majority believe that their mission is right and just.

So when you and the rest of the anti-war left talk about how this is an illegitamate war, that we have no business being over there, that we were "lied" into the war and that the best way to support the troops is to abandon the mission and bring them home "now!" how do you think those troops are going to react to you and those claims????

Just something I would like you to ponder.....

I think that this is something we should ALL ask the anti-war left to ponder. If you think that this war is a mistake etc, do you really expect the troops to "like" you and appreciate your "efforts on their behalf" when they believe in the mission at hand?