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Remember, Being a Savage Republican is not where you are from, but what you believe.


Local Attractions

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Remember, Being a Savage Republican is not where you are from, but what you believe.

Monday, October 17, 2005

I am so depressed....

Apparently, Chairman Howard Dean was in my own backyard (H/T Republican Minnesota)on Saturday and I missed it. I am depressed, because if I had known that the Chairman was going to be so close, I would have prepared an appropriate welcome for him - maybe even cooked him lunch - so that I could thank him for all of his hard work on behalf of the Republican, er, Democratic Party. Thankfully we have the Star Tribune on hand to tell us all about the Chairman's visit.

"Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean said Saturday that the party intends to target the seats now held by U.S. Reps. Mark Kennedy and John Kline."

I am so glad that we have the Star Tribune around to hand us that news flash. The Scott County DFL has only been saying that for the last 6-8 months that I know of.

"He pointed to the problems of White House adviser Karl Rove, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and Rep. Tom DeLay of Texas. DeLay has been indicted on campaign finance law violations.
Rove and Frist are under investigation in unrelated matters.
"The Republican Party is bankrupt of ideas and bankrupt of morality," Dean said, tying in Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty because of the resignation of his campaign treasurer, Ron Esau, whose mortgage company was found to have "misled and deceived" homeowners."

I should have warned you about that last one. How hysterical is that? The party that brought the VietNam war into the 2004 election is saying that the Republicans are bankrupt of ideas???? I won't touch the morally bankrupt statement at all because both sides are equally guilty of moral bankruptcy - neither party has the lock on moral bankruptcy.

"Dean, however, said the Democrats will campaign on the issues of a "real national defense policy" based on truth, job creation tied to renewable energy, health insurance for every American, and strong public education."

John Kerry kept telling us about this mythical "plan" that the Democrats have for "real national defense" etc but I have yet to see any plan put forth? Have you????

"The Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux, which run the casino, are based in Prior Lake, in Kline's Second District. Responding to Dean, Republican Carey asked sarcastically, "Has Coleen Rowley actually found out where the Second District is? She's been globe-trotting all around the country."

Now that quote is funny - true but funny all the same. It would be nice if Coleen would start campaigning in the district she wants to represent....

In all seriousness - this visit was sponsored by the latest 527 to join the DNC stable. It is high time to repeal McCain Feingold and get rid of 527's once and for all.

I want to close with a presonal note to Chairman Dean. Next time you are in Scott County - please stop by the Lady Logicians house. I promise you a wonderful lunch, served with a side of what Scott County is all about!


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