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Remember, Being a Savage Republican is not where you are from, but what you believe.


Local Attractions

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Remember, Being a Savage Republican is not where you are from, but what you believe.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Conservatism demands Excellence

When Norm Coleman ran for office - as conservatives objected we were told - We need his vote in the Senate so we can get our conservative judges confirmed.
When Arlen Specter was being supported by the White House against the wishes of conservatives - We were told - We need his vote in the Senate.

And now the President had a chance to nominate someone to be a true constitutional Judge and instead gives us an unknown who we are told can get confirmed because she has no record - So why did he need the votes?

We wanted a candidate who a record of Constitutional writing and judgment.
We have had other justices who were not judges, but they had a long and distinguished careers and writings in Constitutional Law. Something this candidate lacks.

Some say it is because she is not from an Ivy League School or because she is a woman, but many of the other candidates being suggested are not from Ivy League Schools and many are women - It is sad to see a "conservatives" play the gender and eliteist card.

And what does the nomination of a stealth candidate tell conservative legal scholars, judges and law students?
That even when we have a "conservative" President and control of the Senate - you had better not stand up and show your conservatism - because only those who say nothing can get appointed.

But the thing that worries me the most is we are told to not worry because the president knows her and trust she will be a "constitutional" judge.

The same President who told us he believed in a limited government - and then signed the Campaign Finance Law - A direct attack on the First Amendment.

The same President who talks about fiscal conservatism then went on TV to tell me how much money the Federal Government was going to transfer to New Orleans.

Conservatives have said - She will be the swing vote we need on "Roe".
I don't want a vote - I want a Judge.

She may turn into a reliable conservative vote on the bench - but the outcome does not justify the selection.

As a conservative, I seek excellence and for the Supreme Court I want an excellent Constitutional Scholar - We did not get it with this candidate.

As another nominee said, the Supreme Court is about calling Balls and Strikes.

On this one President Bush was told the swing away and instead we have a called strike - with the bat still on his shoulder.


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